The Good with the Bad (Reviews)

Two extremely unhappy parents got in touch about my book. So far I’ve had good feedback but I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth. Here’s what the father had to say:

“My wife and I purchased your book The Dancer for our 13 year old daughter for Christmas. I guess we should have read it first. The use of crude language was rather unexpected and my daughter came to me wondering why a person feels the need to write this way. I guess you feel the need to portray a character this way, but ****** wasn’t interested in reading any further. Guess the trash can will make a nice storage place for your book. Thanks for introducing my 13 year old to the “f” word.”

His wife went on to write this on Amazon:

“If I could give a 0 I would. I bought this for my 13 yr old daughter who Irish dances. TOTALLY NOT what she expected. Thanks for introducing my daughter to the “F” word. This book is awful. Don’t waste your money !”

What do you think?

This probably is a good time to remind people that the book is categorized as Young Adult which basically means suitable for teenagers. For those of you who have read and enjoyed it, thank you for your support.