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In the early days of writing The Dancer I met with a literary consultant by the name of Vanessa Fox O’ Loughlin at a writing clinic in Dun Laoghaire. I was completely nervous about sending her my work because hers would be the first critical eye to have a read. I wasn’t sure what to expect from our meeting and in my own bizarre reality thought she would say ‘Your writing is awful. Don’t give up the day job.’ Thankfully that didn’t happen and her encouraging words and optimism about my work-in-progress helped give me the confidence to continue writing The Dancer and the belief that I could one day become a published author. I left that meeting absolutely buzzing and I owe Vanessa a lot for that. As you may guess it can be a scary thing putting your art out into the world and one can be full of self-doubts about themselves and there work. Here is a link to an article about me and writing The Dancer that I did for Vanessa and writing.ie

Seán de Gallai: ‘The Dancer. Steps from the Dark.’