A good year’s work!

Exactly one year ago I published The Dancer and I’m delighted with how well it has been received. I’ve sold roughly 930 copies. To give this number some context – an Irish Publishing house has a print run of 1000-1500 for a new book so as an Indie author sales are going very well. I have written the first draft of the sequel which you will have to wait a little while longer for. I am hoping to publish that in April next year. However, I am excited to announce that my next book is only weeks away. It’s a Middle Grade book (7-11 yr olds) about best friends who become bitter Irish dancing rivals. I just have some little bits to finish up and I’ll send it to my editor on Monday. The cover will be designed at the beginning of August so I’m hopeful of publishing in September. Thanks to all who have supported me, those who bought the book and those who left me kind messages. Makes it all worthwhile.